Fall is officially here in 3 days! No one is more excited than me. Crisp, cool air, college football, cozy sweaters, leggings, and boots; apple and pumpkin everything! One of my favorite things about fall is apple picking! My refrigerator is stocked solidly with every kind of in season apple from September through the winter. One of my favorite ways to consume aforementioned apples are either just plain, or sometimes I’ll whip up this super easy and tasty apple dip for an extra kick or a healthy dessert. I can literally make this in one minute. All you need is peanut butter and yogurt!

Two Ingredient Apple Dip


2 single serving containers of caramel or banana cream pie yogurt

1/4 cup peanut butter (not natural works best)


Place both ingredients in a small mixing bowl and stir vigorously until peanut butter and yogurt are combined into a smooth, uniform consistency. Dip fresh apple slices and eat!